Japan meets Energy and Environment


Welcome to Japan 2E, a blog about Energy and Environment from the perspective of an European person living in Japan.

It was just a little bit more than a year ago that I started using twitter, then built my first ever blog, right after the quake and tsunami that devastated Japan on 11 March 2011.  Both efforts aimed to help spreading as reliable and timely as possible information on the development of Fukushima NPP1 accident .That event has transformed the lives of many; I guess that, to some extent, I’m one of them, and the decision to create this blog part of that change.

The ultimate aim of this site is helping people understand energy, in all its dimensions: environmental, social, and economic. The content is intended to remain relatively easy to understand, but without falling into the popular media oversimplification of what is one of the most complex problems our societies face every day.

That is for sure an ambitious, most likely unreachable, goal, but every step we (because I count to learn my share writing it) make towards it will be worth it.

More precisely, I’m planning to write posts ranging from pure opinions to pretty much factual data along three main lines:

  • The impact of Fukushima NPP1 accident on Japanese society.
  • Japan energy policy and its wide implications.
  • Energy saving tips and product reviews

On any post, respectful and honest discussion will always be welcome, whereas incendiary comments or personal attacks will be banned.

Finally, keep in mind this is a 100% personal effort made on my free time, so do not expect daily updates or instant comment replies.

Hope you enjoy your time here.


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